Question: I read that Jennifer Tilly has joined the cast of CBS' Out of Practice in the role of Henry Winkler's girlfriend, a part I think is already portrayed in the pilot by another actress. Does this mean the pilot will now be reshot because of the addition? It might not be a bad thing, considering I have yet to read one positive review about it.
Answer: I think the advance word on this show, wherever you're getting it from, is a little too harsh, though I'd agree there's plenty of room for improvement. This isn't pretending to be a groundbreaking comedy, and it's definitely outshone by CBS' other new Monday-night comedy, How I Met Your Mother, but Practice has a terrific cast and a workable premise (a family of squabbling, high-maintenance doctors) that I'm hoping will gel quickly. Anyone who's knocking it should think back to a year ago when CBS inflicted Center of the Universe and Listen Up on us. And remember, you can always go to Yes, Dear and Still Standing on Wednesdays for a heaping helping of mediocrity. Now, to the question: Tilly has joined the cast and the pilot will be or has been reshot to reflect that. Standard operating procedure this time of year. And it's true, Tilly could be a very promising foil for Stockard Channing, who plays Winkler's ex.