Question: I have a question (or suggestion rather) regarding Deal or No Deal. Why don't they have 26 male models also? How come it seems that women are always the models on game shows (Bob Barker's Beauties, Vanna White, etc.)? I adore all of the 26 beautiful models on Deal or No Deal and enjoy seeing what they wear every episode, but wouldn't it be a great surprise if one night 26 gorgeous men walked down the steps with the cases? Just a thought.
Answer: Let's make a deal, Jenny. I like your style. I imagine a stunt like that could bring a whole new demographic to the show. Dream on, my dear. But seriously, to address your actual question, it seems to me that the glamorous, ornamental girls on game shows (from Carol Merrill of Let's Make a Deal on down) exists to give husbands something to look at and women something to comment on (Look at Vanna's hair! Her gown! What was she thinking?) while these silly games play on. There does seem to be a gender hierarchy at play: Hosts are almost always male, and the sidekicks tend to be pretty women. I agree: Turnabout should be fair play.