Question: I wanted to echo TaMara's recent "Ask Matt" comments about the improvement of Psych. When the show's first season received quite a bit of attention last summer, I thought it was being overpraised. Though billed as a detective comedy, sometimes it was tough to sort through James Roday's antics and find any genuine comedic moments. But Season 2's writing has been crisper and far more focused. Even the cops are funny this year. Also, rather than emphasizing the often antagonistic father-son relationship that drove the first year, this season's stories have wisely been mostly driven by the best-friend camaraderie of Roday and Dulé Hill's characters. Hill in particular has shown a flair for physical comedy that is a delightful surprise after all his dramatic work on The West Wing, while Roday's overacting has been thankfully toned down since he doesn't have to do all the work. In my opinion, the show has been the superior of the Monk-Psych combo most weeks this summer (not that Monk has jumped the shark... though I'm sure at the first hint of that, your e-mail cup will runneth over with messages from people pointing it out). During a very busy summer schedule, I know I've been more entertained by Psych than any other show on the air, a development which pretty much floors me, to be honest.
Answer: I also prefer Psych these days to Monk, which many of its fans once upon a time felt may have jumped the you-know-what when Bitty Schram's Sharona left the show during the third season. (Most seem to have gotten over it by now.) Not that Monk has necessarily slipped, and it's great for a crowd-pleaser like this to have such longevity. But Psych is newer, and thus feels a bit fresher, and I'm glad its fans seem to be enjoying it even more in Season 2. Together, it's a solid block of mystery-comedy.