Question: I would find those prime-time game shows on CBS far more watchable if Ricki Lake was not the M.C. It seems like she is yelling into the microphone, and the pitch of her voice just gives me a migraine. CBS should have, where possible, gotten the original emcees to do the shows.
Answer: Is this celebrity Gameshow Marathon not the most insipid thing you've ever seen? And I love game shows! Whose bright idea was it to revive these lovably cheesy shows and stick C-list (being generous here) celebs in the players' seats? It's shrill, annoying and, for me, betrays what made the originals so much fun: watching ordinary folks playing the game (though in some of the formats, playing alongside C-listers). Yes, Ricki Lake is way out of her element, but I'm not sure even the deans of the genre could bring dignity to this misbegotten enterprise. (By contrast, how wonderful was last week's prime time broadcast of the National Spelling Bee finals? Now that was great TV.)