Question: Is the popularity of Heroes a good sign for superhero TV shows? Or is it a fluke when compared with the ratings failure of Blade? Could we get an Incredible Hulk revival? It doesn't take networks long to clone each other's shows. I mean, a couple of weeks into the new fall season,  Fox was already prepping a pilot for a Devil Wears Prada TV show after the success of Ugly Betty. So are there already new superhero shows in the works?
Answer: I'm sure there are, but this path is fraught with peril. The popularity of Heroes has more to do with someone finally learning the right lessons from Lost's breakthrough: Placing ordinary relatable characters in an extraordinary circumstance makes for powerful and potentially popular TV. To intuit that all of a sudden there's going to be a mass market on network TV for superhero series is a recipe for disaster. The fact that "super" is not in the title of Heroes speaks volumes to the fact that the producers and the network are leery of limiting the audience to comic-book fans, despite the show's obvious debt to comic sensibilities. These new heroes don't wear costumes. For now, their secret identities have more to do with trying to figure out how to carry on with life given their strange new abilities. The thought that a year from now we would get a flood of shows involving Aquamen or Hulks would be good news only if the shows attempt to transcend genre. Otherwise, they're probably better suited for niche venues like the Sci Fi Channel or the CW.