Question: Why is it that when people create a successful show, they quickly get involved in other projects — other shows, movies and so on — and let the original project slump as a result? Why aren't the creators penalized for allowing a drop in the quality due to their neglect?
Answer: That's where we come in, to shame them for their skewed priorities. Why does this happen? The same reason anything happens in Hollywood: $$$$$. The minute something becomes a hit, those responsible (and even sometimes those who aren't) suddenly become hot properties and sign lucrative development deals that often take them away from the project that put them on the map. (Kudos, then, to someone like Phil Rosenthal of Everybody Loves Raymond, who scored just such a deal after Raymond exploded, but chose to stay with the show through its nine-year run.) Looking at it from a different perspective, when someone finally tastes success in Hollywood, it often opens doors for him/her to pursue dream projects that otherwise never would have received a green light. In rare cases, these creative types are able to juggle multiple projects and the original product doesn't suffer. But usually it does, and we once again lose our faith in the system.