Question: I'm a faithful reader of yours, and I'm hoping that you might share what you've heard about the possibility of Lifetime's Side Order of Life returning for a second season. It didn't seem to get much attention after its premiere, but I found it to be a charming little show for Sunday evenings to help me ease back into the work week. I particularly enjoyed Diana-Maria Riva's performance as Vivy. It was great to see a strong yet vulnerable woman fighting a devastating disease with such grace and aplomb, not to mention being treated as sexy and desirable without being skeletal-thin! There was enough resolution in the finale that I can accept it as the series ending, but I would enjoy checking in to see how these characters have proceeded with their lives. Any word on its fate?
Answer: No word yet. Lifetime is currently in development mode, shooting two pilots (one with Lorraine Bracco and one with Beau Bridges and Anne Archer), and I'm told that once they're completed, the programmers will decide which and how many of these shows will get picked up. I admit I didn't keep up with Side Order of Life, but from what I saw, it looked like a good fit for Lifetime. As for the network's breakout summer hit, Army Wives, it will be back in March-April for six episodes to close out the official first season, and Season 2 will kick off in June (presumably with at least one of the new or returning shows).