Question: With a new season of The Wire about to start in a few weeks, is there anything we can do to get Emmy voters to watch the best show and best performances on television? Should we offer to walk their dogs? Rent a blimp and broadcast the show on giant screens above their houses? With all its drug deals, murder and corruption, the worst crime associated with The Wire is how it's criminally neglected by the Emmys.
Answer: I know these were rhetorical questions, but my biggest challenge with The Wire has always been how to praise it without making it sound like medicine. (Not just "good for you," but "good.") It's such a serious and complex show, I can only think that it's too much for most people. In the fourth season, which I hope to begin watching very soon (there's never enough time), the focus is on younger characters and the school system, so the thinking is that it will be more relatable than stories from past seasons. Hey, whatever works.