Question: After most networks have released their mid-season plans, it seems plenty of new offerings will be coming on the air. Which ones would you say are worth viewers' time? I remember hearing good things about Love Monkey and The Book of Daniel, but haven't heard much buzz about The Jenna Elfman Show. Is Emily's Reasons Why Not as cutesy as Related? Is In Justice simply another procedural? Are comedies Crumbs, The Loop and Four Kings as shrill as the likes of Joey? Also, whatever happened to shows scheduled for mid-season that had already generated buzz back in May (J.J. Abrams' What About Brian and ABC's Sons and Daughters)? Can a network completely abandon a show it's made a commitment to? Although that's probably a silly question after seeing how horribly networks are capable of treating their shows, I hope you can answer it for me.
Answer: I don't want to get ahead of myself in issuing opinions on the mid-season crop this far in advance, especially since I saw some of these pilots back in the summer and my memory has faded, and since some (such as Jenna Elfman's still-untitled show) have yet to be seen at all. But I will say that Love Monkey and Daniel left me with the strongest positive impressions, and I can't wait to see more. Also, Emily is nowhere near as annoying as Related (at least as far as I remember). As for the shows that have yet to be scheduled, keep in mind that mid-season comes in at least two waves: one in January and (following sweeps and the Olympics) one in March that can extend to early April. (Remember that Grey's Anatomy didn't even premiere until March 27.) There's plenty more to come before this roller-coaster season is over.