Question: Why do networks always seem to cancel the absolutely great TV shows and replace them with reality idiots? The Black Donnellys is an amazing show, but NBC isn't even giving it a chance. Get rid of one of the Law & Orders. I used to like them, but the show has run its course. Make room for fresh blood.
Answer: I will agree with one thing: Replacing The Black Donnellys with a reality show as tacky as The Real Wedding Crashers truly is a slap in the face and a waste of the mighty Heroes lead-in. But despite all of the mail (and there has been plenty) I've read this week from disgruntled Black Donnellys fans, this is one bandwagon I can't get aboard. Every cancellation sparks some outrage, and the two shows NBC has tried in this time period this season (Donnellys and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) have very vocal and ticked-off advocates. Both shows have the sheen of "quality TV," and are the sorts of projects that on paper you'd think we could get behind critically, but both were deeply flawed and ultimately doomed. (I reviewed Black Donnellys after screening the first five episodes and saw it for the mannered, unconvincing turkey that it was. Sorry.)