Neil Patrick Harris
Question: I'm so pleased with this year's Emmy picks for supporting actor in a comedy. I had figured that Neil Patrick Harris would be overlooked, and seeing his name on the list is great. He's truly great in his role and, to me, he's had a harder job than most TV actors, since he had to break the stigma of Doogie Howser, M.D. I know when the show started, I was convinced he'd still always remain Doogie to me. But Barney really is as awesome as he considers himself to be, and NPH is hilarious. Also, while I adore The Piven/Ari to no end, I am so happy about Kevin Dillon being nominated for Entourage. I feel like the four other guys are too often overshadowed by Piven, so this is great. The only thing I have to complain about in this category is that I don't know who I want to win! Way to go, Emmys, on getting this right! Do you have a favorite, Matt? 
Answer: This really is one of the more satisfying categories, although some still gripe that Jon Cryer is a co-lead actor, not a supporting player, in Two and a Half Men, and I went on record with my reservations about Rainn Wilson's over-the-top antics as Dwight on The Office long ago. (Plus, I'm sorry that John Krasinski isn't on the list.) Still, I love the fact that Neil Patrick Harris and Kevin Dillon broke through (thank you, Will & Grace, for finally bowing out so Sean Hayes no longer takes up a slot). Last week I suggested the race is likely to be between Harris and Wilson, but Kevin Dillon is just as viable, and you never want to count out Piven. Really, it's just about anyone's game in this tough category. But personally, I'd love to see it go to Harris. He makes Barney one of TV's most endearing cads since the days when John Larroquette ruled this category in Night Court's prime. He is (wait for it) fantastic.