Question: I recently watched TV Guide Network's look at fall TV programming, and I enjoyed your commentary. But I did have a few questions: My gut is telling me to watch Moonlight, but I keep feeling that it's going to get canceled about as soon as Threshold was a few seasons back. Makes me not really want to tune in as I'm inclined to. I'm also super-excited about Bionic Woman. Do you think NBC is willing to work with the show and give it a proper chance to shine?
Answer: At this point, with the new season merely a few weeks away, I'd say go with your gut. What can it hurt, even if the shows don't ultimately make it? If you're curious to watch, what's stopping you? Of the two shows you mention, I figure Bionic Woman has a better shot than Moonlight, if only because of brand recognition and the amount of promotion the show is already getting (not all of it focused on the Isaiah Washington stunt casting), and I think NBC would be patient in letting the show find its (bionic) legs. Moonlight is a question mark for all of us right now because of its early growing pains and the comings-and-goings among its creative staff, and because we have yet (as of Labor Day) to see an actual pilot. Plus, NBC is flush with success and optimism for its superhero shows in the wake of Heroes, while CBS' track record for launching shows like this is much spottier. Nothing's guaranteed, obviously, but at this time of year, I tend to urge rather than dissuade people from watching any TV show that has piqued their interest.