Question: I've read your column for years and wanted to thank you for your sensible comments regarding Moonlight. I have decided that most genre fans are crazy and can see why it's so difficult to get a genre-type show to succeed outside of syndication these days. As a fan of Forever Knight and Angel, I was very excited when CBS announced that Moonlight would air in the fall. Thinking other fans would feel as I do about seeing another vampire grace our screens, I surfed a few sites. Well, I was met with cold water in the face and sometimes downright rudeness. Don't get me wrong, there are fans out there who are looking forward to Moonlight as much as I am. But it's amazing how people will cling to one show, even one that was canceled more than 14 years ago, to the exclusion of another that might be just as good. I find this mind-set incomprehensible, especially from a fan base that is supposedly progressive and open-minded. I hope your continued positivity toward Moonlight will help it get the chance it deserves.
Answer: Thanks, but I think a more proper description of my attitude is open-mindedness, not quite positivity. I can't be a cheerleader toward something I have yet to see, and as of this writing, a screener of a finished Moonlight pilot hasn't crossed my desk yet. There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical: executive producers coming and going, the late delivery of a pilot from a presentation reel that has undergone significant revision, CBS' track record with supernatural series, etc. But it's also unfair to write it off without giving it a look and a chance. At the same time, I'm not going to roll over and love it just because it's in a genre that tends to inspire obsessive devotion. (Another way of saying: I don't care how much mail I get in its defense, I think Lifetime's Blood Ties is dreadful.) Still, open mind all the way right now.