Question: I got so excited when I heard ABC was bringing back The Mole. I don't know how much you followed it, if at all, when it was on, but I've talked to so many people who say they hate reality shows, but they were won over by this. The new season is the regular, non-celebrity edition with 10 people, and I think it's supposed to air in the summer. Filming should have begun already, and I was wondering what other information you can provide, specifically an air date and Anderson Cooper's replacement.
Answer: I've seen the reports of its return, but beyond that, no details. I bring up The Mole primarily to remind everyone that, however it looks, I'm not a reality-TV snob. There are some very good shows in this genre, and The Mole was one of my early favorites (before it went the ill-advised "celebrity" route). It was smart, innovative, original and, like The Amazing Race, it was beautifully produced in exotic locations. It may also have been ahead of its time, so I'm eager to see if a somewhat "simplified" (according to trade reports) version will catch on.