Question: I have mixed feelings about the possibility of Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) and Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) becoming a couple. I realize these days it is more and more common for either sex of an older generation to be involved with someone from a much younger generation. Do you think the writers of House will make the relationship appear genuine without becoming juvenile?
Answer: At this point, I have faith in the show's writers that, however they decide to develop their relationship, it will ring true with both of these emotionally damaged characters. POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT: Besides, in our most recent cover story on House — I hope you saw it, if only for Laurie's wonderful first-person essay — the show's creator is quoted as saying, "We don't want to turn House into a soap opera," although the relationship between House and Sela Ward's character will be explored in the first seven episodes of the season. The story also hinted that Cameron may get involved with Dr. Chase (Jesse Spencer). So you may not have anything to worry about. At least not quite yet.