Question: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  You just called Michael Rapaport "woeful." Hyperbole aside, I have really never disagreed too much with your column(s), but this cannot stand, Matt. Rapaport holds a special place in my heart. Have you seen Higher Learning? And what about Boston Public, especially when he was taking care of the kid? Not to mention his hilarious role as Gary the Cop, Phoebe's boyfriend on Friends. Sure, The War at Home sucked, but I don't blame him. True, I couldn't get past the explaining away of Sarah's "death," so I didn't even make it to Rapaport's scenes, but seriously, why the dislike?
Answer: Maybe I should have referred to his miscasting on Prison Break as woeful so it wouldn't have looked as much like a personal slight. While I haven't seen Higher Learning, I haven't been all that impressed by Fox's repeated attempts to make him a TV star: first on Boston Public, where he at least fit in, but then on his horrible family sitcom (a dreary attempt to recapture that Married…with Children vibe) and now on a ludicrous show where I don't find him even remotely credible as a fed. He seems very one-note to me in his oafish delivery and persona. Looking on the bright side, if Fox was determined to shoehorn him into an action series, I'm glad it was on one this disposable and not 24 or Terminator.