Question: I haven't seen much discussion of this, but it seems that How I Met Your Mother has evolved completely away from its original idea. At the start, it was presented as the story of a lovable klutz trying to find a wife in a singles milieu, and Neil Patrick Harris was scarcely mentioned. Now it's practically "The Neil Patrick Harris Show," and Ted was actually given a steady girlfriend for a season so they wouldn't have to talk about his search. Does that bother anybody?
Answer: Didn't bother anybody I know. For one thing, there was a sense that the audience wanted to see Robin and Ted together, at least for a while, if only to understand why she later became "Aunt Robin" to the kids. Plus, I think it's fair to say that Mother has evolved rather successfully into an ensemble comedy, and it was probably wise not to ask Josh Radnor to actually carry the show. Finally, if you made it to the end of last season, you should know that the third season is going to revert back to Ted's romantic misadventures as a free agent, now that he and Robin are no longer a couple. So the premise of Ted finally meeting the kids' "mother" is getting closer to reality, it would appear.