Question: It has just been announced that Mark Perry will be taking over for Greg Berlanti as the new show-runner for Brothers & Sisters. Perry's previous credits include One Tree Hill and What About Brian. I personally have not heard one ounce of critical praise for either show, and what I've seen of both has been abysmal. Not to mention that both shows revolved around directionless, oversexed young people, whereas B&S revolves around an intelligent and loving clan consisting mostly of members over the age of 35. Have you heard anything about this? What are your thoughts on the future of the show now?
Answer: Calm down. As the Brothers & Sisters blog on notes, Perry also has a gem like The Wonder Years on his résumé. As we learned a year ago when Brothers & Sisters was undergoing much-scrutinized growing pains with cast and staff replacements before they found the right blend, it's a mistake to prejudge a show like this until you see what they come up with. I wish Perry well and trust that Berlanti and Jon Robin Baitz will make him feel welcome as they start breaking a new season's worth of stories. I don't know Perry personally, and for all I know he's too much of a gentleman to say so himself, but I can only imagine how thrilled he is to find himself in this company after having spent his more recent years swimming in less creatively fragrant waters.