Stargate SG-1
Question: I love your column! Is the character of Vala on Stargate SG-1 now a permanent cast member? I think she is a great addition to the cast, and I hope she isn't gone forever (after last week's episode). I think she adds more fun to SG-1 and would love to see her again.
Answer: As I asked around about this, I dug up a little scoop that Claudia Black, who plays Vala, will return for two episodes in the back half of SG-1's season, to air in the winter. I agree that she's a blast, even if some of the show's longtime fans seem disgruntled that other characters were marginalized during the Vala-Daniel Jackson arc, including new cast member Ben Browder. (For all those Farscape fans who've been writing in to grouse that Browder has been underutilized, I've been assured that he'll be more prominent in upcoming episodes.) As for Vala's becoming a permanent fixture, that would have to wait for next season, if then, and there's not even a deal in place yet for a 10th season (although I have no reason to doubt there will be one).