Question: I would like to know why Just Legal wasn't given a better chance to prove itself. I am a great fan of Don Johnson and have never seen him in anything that wasn't wonderful. This was a good program showing that younger and older people could work together. Loved your review on the show. Just wish it would have had more time. It was a great show that never had a chance.
Answer: Of all the new shows canceled so far this season, this was easily the best of the lot. But it wasn't exactly a surprise. WB was taking a risk going outside its target demo with a show built around a veteran actor (albeit pairing him with a kid), and it didn't pay off. I doubt WB really believed in the show, which is why it was yanked so quickly. This is a classic situation of a show airing on absolutely the wrong network. If this had been developed for CBS, for example, it would probably still be on the air.