Question: How will Jesse L. Martin leaving Law & Order affect the show? He has been the anchor of the "law" half since the departure of Jerry Orbach. Any word on who will replace him? On a related note, is NBC going to keep Law & Order: Criminal Intent, or is USA going to get it back when the show goes back into production?
Answer: Last I saw, Anthony Anderson (K-Ville) was still in talks to step into Martin's shoes as the other half of the detective team (opposite Jeremy Sisto). Fans tend to hate the revolving-door policy on this show, but Law & Order has survived many cast changes over the years in both the "law" and "order" halves, and I don't see this as being more disruptive than most. (Losing Orbach was without a doubt the most serious and tragic blow to date.) As for Criminal Intent, it is first and foremost a USA Network series now, and new episodes will continue to air on USA, with an NBC window to follow, should the network choose.