Question: I've just finished watching Kyle XY Season 1 on DVD and the new Season 2 episodes. The opening sequence immediately made me flash back to John Doe, and the feeling of déjà vu only grew. Here we have an advanced, genetically engineered human created in a lab by a company called Madacorp (sound anything like Manticore to you?) loose in Seattle with company goons hunting him down. Did I miss the footnote saying that this is Dark Angel: The High School Years? I've enjoyed the show, but having watched Dark Angel and John Doe, I often feel like I'm watching a prequel.
Answer: So Kyle XY is derivative. What isn't in this genre? If it's providing a more youthful, family-friendly twist on a sci-fi staple, enjoy it for what it is. Dark Angel and John Doe are long gone, and if you enjoy shows of that ilk, at least rest assured that because this show is on ABC Family instead of on a broadcast network, it's likely to be kicking around a lot longer than either of those other shows did on Fox.