Question: I know you like Battlestar Galactica pretty much, but I just don't feel the same. Sure, the show has its moments, but they are few and far between. It's definitely not something I'd want my child to watch because of its sexual content. If it is such a good show, why is it still the last of the three-show block on Friday night? I think it's because both Stargates are far superior in every way. Now, with the addition of Ben Browder as lead and Claudia Black in six episodes SG-1 will be better than ever. Just goes to show how smart the powers that be behind SG-1 are. They will pick up fans from the best sci-fi show ever to hit the airwaves, Farscape. I still miss that show.
Answer: No argument on Farscape. Bringing Ben Browder and, in a recurring role, Claudia Black aboard on SG-1 has made the show lots of fun as a new season begins tonight. (I don't really understand any of it, but who cares.) But Battlestar Galactica airs at the end of Sci Fi's Friday night lineup not because it's being marginalized (its ratings are just fine) but, I'd like to think, because its content is the most adult of the three series and merits airing later at night. Feels kind of responsible to me. I'd hope most parents would shield their children from Galactica, which is one of the darkest and most gripping sci-fi dramas I've ever seen. It's not a kiddie show, and certainly isn't the least bit cheesy or campy. I can understand viewers resisting its bleakness and some of its extreme content, but I think the new Galactica absolutely demands to be taken seriously as one of the very best hours on TV.