Question: I know I'm beginning to seem like a stalker with my constant questions about next season's The West Wing, but could you answer just one question: If Alan Alda wins the race, do you predict another season with him as president? (My prediction is yes to both.)
Answer: I'm still trying to get my brain around the concept of a West Wing stalker. (What, would you talk me to death?) Anyway, all will be answered once we see how well The West Wing does in its tough new Sunday time period. If it comes in, as I expect, way behind Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and even Cold Case, then I think the writing will be on the wall and no matter who succeeds Bartlet, the show will end when the season does. If the ratings polls are more favorable, then NBC will almost certainly stick with it, because what else does the network have going for it these days? My druthers: End the show when Bartlet and Co. vacate the premises.