Question: Although I know Ghost Whisperer is not a stellar show and gets pretty sappy at the end of each episode, my husband and I used to enjoy watching it every week. When Camryn Manheim joined the show, I admit that my interest really waned. I never cared for her on The Practice and do not see what value she has added to the show. I loved the character of Andrea and thought Aisha Tylor played her beautifully. Do you think the show's ratings will suffer with the addition of Camryn and the loss of Aisha?
Answer: It doesn't appear to have hurt the show much. From what I can tell, it's still doing fine, and seems to be the right show at the right time on the right night. (Not that I'm watching, for a variety of reasons — some logistical, some critical.) But it's fair to say that the outcry when Andrea was written off the show was pretty sizable, at least in my mailbag. She's clearly missed, and I wish I had an opinion of how Camryn Manheim is doing as the new sidekick. I loved her feisty presence on The Practice (at least in its glory years before it went off the rails), and she would be one of the reasons I'd consider looking in on Ghost Whisperer again one of these days.