Question: I know that The Book of Daniel was canceled months ago, and I am still crying over its cancellation, but I was wondering if you think there might have been a different outcome if the show had been titled something different. Or would the same thing have happened?
Answer: Sadly, they could have called the show "Win a Million Dollars if You Watch This" and NBC probably still would have found a way to screw this one up — and screw it over. Look, Book of Daniel was always going to be a polarizing show; I know no one who was neutral to it. They either loved or hated it, and of course there were always going to be those who were offended by the very idea of it (regardless of whether they bothered to watch), not to mention NBC's own skittishness toward the project. The title wasn't really an issue, though. I'm not sure what you could have called it ("Father Knows Least"? "7th Heaven — Not!"?) that would have made it more commercial or, to its critics, less objectionable.