Question: I just watched the season premiere of Boston Legal and I am totally confused. Why didn't they just let the final episodes from last season go untouched and then introduce the new characters later? Instead we have characters (Julie Bowen's, most notably) about whom we have no clue, yet somehow we're supposed to care what happens to them. I was already mad at David Kelley for canning Rhona Mitra, but this steps it up a few notches. And what's with the excessive commercial breaks on ABC this year?
Answer: Why single out ABC for the high commercial load? They're all doing it. As for Boston Legal, at least Rhona Mitra was so integral to the Rupert Everett story line that she's visible in these episodes. I saw the first two hours in advance, and there was one group scene where you can see Monica Potter (whose absence will not be missed), but otherwise, it's as if that character just vanished. And besides, the lovely Mitra has traded up by moving to Nip/Tuck, my No.1 choice for that time period. But to address your issue: Yes, it is very awkward season-to-season continuity. But that's not my biggest gripe. I think I finally had my fill of this show during the scenes involving the mute plaintiff testifying via cello. Absurd, yes. Funny, no.