Question: I just wanted to say that I nearly broke a rib laughing during last Sunday's Sopranos after the way Lauren Bacall got jacked, not to mention her subsequent reaction to it. Also, I guess I'm the only fan out there who isn't upset with the way the season is progressing. I know it's slow going right now, but a lot of good shows in the past have taken their time building up to a thrilling conclusion, like X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, etc.
Answer: I am loving this season beyond measure. To me, this spring there has been all the rest of TV, and then there's The Sopranos: so much richer and more real (with, I guess, the exception of this hilarious Hollywood detour) than anything else around. The episode about Vito's gay life being exposed was truly a landmark episode, illuminating this season's theme of how everyone's life and potential have been corrupted by exposure to the Sopranos (from Vito to the poor schnook who hung himself in the premiere to pathetic Artie Bucco). I was both horrified and highly amused by Christopher mugging Lauren Bacall. I even blogged about it, musing that Tony would flip out if he knew Christopher had slugged Bogie's widow. Even if The Sopranos isn't building to a slam-bang conclusion, the journey this season is so deeply interesting to me that I am only impatient for the next episode to air, regardless of where it's heading.