Question: I was just looking for the next episode of 3 LBS, and after reading your column, now understand why I couldn't find it. You say CBS has to go back to the drawing board. Frankly, I was rather upset when they moved Without a Trace to Sunday night. People are tired and usually go to bed early on Sundays. CBS would dominate Tuesday nights if they moved Without a Trace to after The Unit.
Answer: Again, I'm not buying that 10-pm-is-too-late argument, on Sundays of all nights. I do wonder how long it will be before CBS experiments with moving one of its successful franchises to Tuesdays (and not in repeats), to see if there's any way to reverse that jinx. Without a Trace would be a good pick, but that would leave a hole on Sundays, where the move to back-to-back procedurals (Cold Case and Trace) is still relatively new. So I wouldn't expect to see a change there anytime soon.