Question: I just finished reading your 6/30 column, and I agree with your answer about what was worth watching on broadcast TV. I did want to point out that there is another series on PBS that is definitely worth watching: History Detectives. Granted, I am somewhat of a history buff, but I find this show really interesting and a great way to spend Monday night. I really love how, for the most part, the histories they investigate are personal and brought to the detectives' attention by someone with a connection to that particular piece of history. I don't know if you have taken the time to watch it, but if not, I highly recommend it.
Answer: Thanks for the reminder/tip. It's a solid show, I agree, and when you mentioned Mondays on PBS, I also realized I'd forgotten to make note of Antiques Roadshow, which is a favorite of my family (as I'm always reminded this time of year, when I go back home for reunions and holidays). Really, you can't go wrong many nights by turning to PBS if you can't stomach the regular networks' off-season obsession with reality, which really does require a steady supply of Tums.