Question: If I didn't watch anything that had actors whose personal beliefs do not match mine or whose public behavior is outrageous at times, I'd have to give my TV away and never darken the door of a movie theater again. I'm against abortion, against drunken public displays and against porn and public obscenity; obviously a large percentage of celebrities don't agree with my beliefs. I watch the shows I watch in order to be entertained. I don't judge the personal beliefs of the actors ('cause heck, they are acting). And I'm guessing actors don't judge their viewers' personal lives either, because as long as we keep watching, they're still employed. Mark is entitled to not watch anything he doesn't want to watch for whatever reason, but he can't outvote 100 million viewers who make choices every day. But he sure did go on and on, didn't he, about Isaiah Washington? (And you sure gave him a forum.) He should dissect all actors that way; he'd end up in a monastery — a TV-less one at that.
Answer: Way to keep an open mind, Janice.