Question: I don't get why people like Mark are begrudging Isaiah Washington getting work. I am one of the gayest gay men you'll ever meet, and though I was really unhappy with the reports of what he said, I've also seen him apologize and do volunteer work in pro-gay PSAs. He seems sincere in his attempt at redemption, which is more than you can say for most celebrities involved in scandals of this sort. I have a big problem with him being let go from Grey's Anatomy. If they had fired him immediately, that would have made sense to me. But to fire him at the end of the season, after the effort he put into apologizing and making things right? That was nuts. Am I naive to think that Isaiah is getting another chance because Ben Silverman is listening to Washington's claims that his gay cast mate is fudging accounts of what happened? Help me understand: Why do so many folks not want to see him on TV anymore?
Answer: To be honest, I think what rattled so many cages was the speed with which Washington was hired for Bionic Woman after the Grey's debacle, as well as his subsequent lead-footed PR campaign (the Larry King interview, etc). There will be some who may never forgive him and who will find it hard to accept him in any role. (My corollary, I guess, is Woody Allen, whom I haven't been able to watch in anything since you-know-when, and I'm just glad he doesn't do much TV.) Most people, I think, will eventually move on. But everyone's entitled to their opinion. That's why I try to include such a wide range in this column.