Question: What is all the hubbub about Harriet on Studio 60 bashing gays, when Sarah Paulson is gay? Not that I knew that before I saw some info about her today on the Internet, but I'm surprised 1) that she would play so much against type and even tackle the big issues the actress tends to avoid in her personal life, and 2) that more people don't know this fact about her. Is this the reason why there is a spark lacking between Harriet and Matt Albie, or why we have been left without a kiss between the two of them? Will NBC go through all the motions on their show-within-a-show to address the issues, but literally gag her when it comes to talking to the public? Since we have seen T.R. Knight and Neil Patrick Harris recently outing themselves, should we expect "NBS" to get on the train and make one of their stars officially come out so they can stay in the headlines? I mean, CBS and ABC have already jumped on the bandwagon, NBC can't be that far behind!
Answer: Can't really tell if you're trying to be sarcastic or clever here, or what you're trying to say, but I would think the reason Sarah Paulson's sexuality has stayed under the radar is because, quite frankly, it's no one's business. To my knowledge, she has never tried to hide it or her relationship with revered stage actress Cherry Jones. (When Jones won her Tony for the play Doubt, she gave a shout-out to her "Laura Wingfield," referring to Paulson, who was then starring in a Broadway revival of The Glass Menagerie.) I don't know if they're still a couple. I don't do gossip. If the chemistry between the Harriet and Matt characters is lacking, I wouldn't put the blame on anyone's sexual orientation, but more on the fact that the show has a way to go to make almost any of these characters come truly alive yet. This all smacks rather distastefully of a witch hunt, which is rather ironic, given the recent Studio 60 story line. And I would think that for a gay or straight performer, to be given a role like Harriet — who is committed to her faith and to her career and finds herself at some very uneasy crossroads as she tries to reconcile the two — would be a gift.

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