Question: What's the deal with the CW's Hidden Palms? The network website still says we can catch it on Wednesdays and on the fall 2007 lineup (Reba and 7th Heaven are still there, too), but many say Hidden Palms was given the ax. Is this true? Why doesn't the CW say so on its site? And why did the network air two new back-to-back episodes each Wednesday night, especially on a holiday like July 4, when they knew nobody would be home? Why not spread it out? I was on vacation those two weeks, so I caught the first three episodes, then left and came back to read in the paper that now I have no Hidden Palms to watch. What's the real story behind it all? The CW is not telling its viewers a thing.
Answer: You're going to have to look far and wide on a network's official website to ever see the word "burn-off," which is all that Hidden Palms ever was. The ratings were so dismal that the CW eventually doubled up on the episodes to get to the end as quickly as possible. To my knowledge, the network did air the eight episodes that were filmed, which is more than often happens, even during this off-season. But it sounds like the CW needs to do some serious quality control on its website if it's that misleading. What would Reba still be doing there? Bizarre.