Question: First of all, great to see Alias back in (in my opinion) top form. I still care about these characters, and I can't wait to see how it all wraps up. Likewise, another great episode of Invasion. The story keeps moving along, with quite a bit revealed each episode — certainly more than I expected when I got into it in the first place. I've been particularly impressed with Evan Peters as Jesse; I've loved the "kids return to school" aspect of the show, and Jesse has really become a centerpiece to all of the aspects of the show. His drunken shooting practice at the end of the episode was wonderfully acted — muted and subtle instead of over-the-top (as it could very easily have been). What I'm really excited about, though, is May 3, which — if my calculations are correct — will be what I've been waiting for for nearly a year: consecutive new episodes of Alias, Lost and Invasion. What a great night of television: three shows with different stories, characters, styles and even color palettes that still truly belong together. I can't think of a better three-hour block of television out there, short-lived as the trio may be. Kudos to ABC for, at the very least, sticking with Invasion throughout the season, and for putting Alias (at last) back in the fray. There should be a good two or three weeks there of an untouchable Wednesday-night lineup (barring scheduling changes). Here's to enjoying it while it lasts!
Answer: No kidding. ABC may not rule the ratings this night (although Lost is still doing reasonably well), but this is the kind of night genre freaks live for. It was fun to see Alias again, especially with the Family Bristow (Lena Olin, Victor Garber and Jennifer Garner) back in action, presiding over her childbirth midcaper. All that babble about Prophet Five, "the Horizon," "the Cardinal," etc. doesn't interfere with my pleasure, thankfully. I agree that ABC should be commended for letting Alias play itself out (because, really, it is played out) and for letting Invasion go a full season (which is more than Threshold or Surface got on their respective networks). Whatever happens beyond this season, we'll at least get a month of Wednesdays worth remembering. What a blast.