Question: I gotta tell you, Rescue Me's killing off Johnny just strikes me as cheap storytelling. Sure, they're doing a good job handling the aftermath, and the writing and acting are solid, but I think it's a lazy way to wrap up a love-triangle story line. Pearl Harbor did the exact same thing; you have two guys and one girl. So your solution: Kill one of the guys. Have I got a point, or am I being too critical?
Answer: Not too critical — you have a right to your opinion — but for me, calling it lazy is way too simplistic. I mean, comparing this show to a cardboard epic like Pearl Harbor? Get serious. This was not just another clichéd love triangle — in which case killing one of the rivals might have looked like a cliché. This was a seriously warped, deeply disturbing mess of a relationship involving two brothers and one of the brothers' ex-wives, all clouded by the aftermath of life-altering tragedy (the death of young Connor, Tommy and Janet's only son). The fact that the brothers might have been on the verge of mending their estrangement (depending on how you interpret the phone messages, Tommy's especially) only adds to the poignance of Tommy's latest psychic/karmic setback. Nothing easy about this or its aftermath.