Grey's Anatomy
Question: I was going over ABC's fall schedule when I realized how ridiculous it is. Their two powerhouses, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy, are back to back. If ABC wants another hit, they should place a pilot after Desperate Housewives, where they'd be guaranteed a success. Grey's Anatomy can be used at another time slot to lead in its big numbers to a less successful show or possibly lead in to a pilot.
Answer: Interesting backseat driving here, but consider the fact that ABC now has a colossal 1-2-3 punch on Sundays, one of the most critical and most-watched nights of the week, with the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-Housewives-Anatomy juggernaut. Why mess with success just yet? This lineup, with Anatomy something of a surprise smash, is just a few months old at this point. And while I'm sure ABC is tempted to spread the wealth to other nights, it makes sense to me to keep Sundays stable for the time being and grow Anatomy in particular into the sort of monster hit with a loyal enough following that by midseason or, more likely, next fall, it can move to strengthen a more problematic night. (Mondays will be wide open when ABC loses Monday Night Football in a year.) Selfishly, I like for strong nights to be left alone and to have terrific shows airing back to back. I'd hate for Housewives to be paired with a lesser loser with the cynical intent that anything that follows a big hit will be a big hit (that's what ultimately destroyed NBC on Thursdays). But if the post-Housewives time period could at times be used to give a lifeline to a struggling but deserving show (like, say, the sadly neglected Eyes), then who could argue?