Question: I've been a fan of yours for a long time. Your columns are must-reads for me. I started watching Friday Night Lights over the summer largely based on your praise of the show. I became addicted. So thank you for that. But I have a huge problem with the murder in the season-opener. And not just the murder, but the disposing of the body. It's the first time I can recall this show being over-the-top melodramatic and unrealistic, and it's also the first time I can't see how a problem can get resolved without incredibly dark, depressing results. Please tell me I'm missing some option, that the show can get past this and I can look forward to enjoying future episodes. 
Answer: This is pretty much the universal first reaction from everyone I know about the Landry-Tyra storyline in the season-opener. I think most fans can wish this simply hadn't happened, or that at the very least they would have just left the body where it fell after Landry's attack and justifiably claimed self-defense (this is hardly straight-up murder, cover-up aside, which is why I imagine this won't ruin their lives in the long run). But I admit I'm grasping a bit in hopes of keeping these two wonderful characters from spiraling too far out of the show's usual orbit of wrenching realism, which is what really has most critics of this storyline up in arms. Having seen the next few episodes, I can say that while this subplot remains problematic, the way Jesse Plemons and Adrianne Palicki play it is anything but. They bring such raw conviction and emotion to their scenes together that I can almost put my skepticism on hold. Regardless, I won't let this ruin the rest of the show for me, which continues to resonate with incredible power — especially anything involving Connie Britton, who is amazing in these first episodes.