Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights
Question: Well, it's that time again — time to rejoice and weep about the Emmy nominations. I was actually pleasantly surprised this year. After last year's debacle (it can't be called anything else), I wasn't expecting much. But this year, probably 75 to 80 percent of my wish list was granted, which, when it comes to Emmy nominations, is pretty good. Nothing's perfect, of course: In particular, I was disappointed that Lost wasn't nominated for best drama (but Boston Legal was? What?) and that Matthew Fox and Elizabeth Mitchell weren't recognized for their riveting performances. As a new convert to Friday Night Lights, I was also disappointed (but hardly surprised) to see that the show received no nominations at all. But there was good news to balance things out: I was particularly thrilled to see nominations for Ugly Betty, and for America Ferrera and Vanessa L. Williams. I also think they got it right in nominating Sally Field, Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn for their great weekly work, and Dixie Carter, Judith Light and Eli Wallach for outstanding guest appearances. So, while they're still far from perfect, I think the nominations are much better than last year's, and I hope this is a trend that will continue. Thoughts?
Answer: "Pleasantly surprised" wasn't exactly my first reaction (for my complete day-of-nominations analysis, check out my Dispatch from last week), but given how heated much of the rest of my Emmy-related mail has been, I figured it would be a nice change of pace to start by accentuating the positive. The good news this year is that a surprising amount of new blood is in the Emmy mix, especially where Ugly Betty, 30 Rock and Heroes are concerned. But I have to say that the aftertaste is still mostly bitter, in large part because of the snubs of Lost and Friday Night Lights (agreed, not entirely a surprise, but still a letdown) in favor of Boston Legal. Read on to see what even a fan of BL has to say about the situation.