Question: As thrilled as I am that NBC is giving the stellar Friday Night Lights another chance, I've become even more excited about the show's new time slot, Fridays at 9 pm/ET. I know many have bemoaned the fact that Friday is a TV graveyard where quality shows are sent to die, but unless I'm missing something here, this new slot could work in the show's favor for three very big reasons. First, there’s the aforementioned reputation Friday has as a low-viewership night. Thus, the expectations probably aren't as high as they were when the show was on Tuesdays. Second, instead of being asked to kick off a night, Lights will have a lead-in (Deal or No Deal) that generates a fairly sizable audience. Doesn't it stand to reason that at least some Deal viewers will stick around — and, hopefully, like what they see from Lights? Both shows, while different, are programs families can watch together. And third, every other show the networks have scheduled against Lights in that slot is a new series, meaning that Lights won't have to go up against an already established hit with high viewership. Not to mention that none of the new shows in that slot have scored huge in the buzz department. Plus, haven't the show's first-season DVD sales been strong? Am I being naive here, or could Lights actually add to its numbers in its second season? Or at least not lose viewers and manage to survive for the long haul?
Answer: These are all the best-case scenarios, and I'm happy to indulge. I hope the DVD exposure will help, and having a popular and populist lead-in can't hurt. Keeping expectations low is probably a great idea, to be honest. But don't be surprised or overly dismayed if ABC's Women's Murder Club is the show that pops in this time period (the same night and same hour in which CSI first took off). We just have to hope that Friday Night Lights can hold on to its loyal base and that the base has grown — and its demographics and relatively low production costs will help keep it on the air for the short and long haul.