Question: I just had to respond to Jena's comments about implausabilities in the "plot" of High School Musical 2. Let's remember it is a preteen movie from Disney. I've seen all the Astaire/Rogers movies and I have to say that the implausabilities in their plots (and they are legion!) do not dim their charm one bit!
Answer: Excellent point. And to all you kiddies who haven't discovered Turner Classic Movies yet, we're talking Fred and Ginger here, the Depression-era precursors to Frankie and Annette — I don't think I've ever typed their names in the same sentence and doubt I'll ever do it again! Anyway, I can't remember how many times I've heard my mother remark how silly the plots of the Astaire/Rogers movies are, and yet who cares? As long as they keep dancing cheek to cheek, I'm in heaven. Also in reference to Jena's disdain for HSM2, here's this from Christine: "I have an 8-year-old in the house and had no choice but to watch the whole movie. I'm actually glad I did. I absolutely agree about the first 15 minutes — believe me, my husband and I looked over our daughter's head and made faces more than once during that time. But as the movie went on, we both found ourselves enjoying the movie (although not as much as the first). I would encourage Jena to try it again, maybe skip the first half hour and watch the rest."