Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Question: I feel like Christmas came early this year, courtesy of Showtime and the season finales of their magnificent series Dexter and Sleeper Cell. While I fully expected the Dexter finale to feature edge-of-your-seat plot twists and the show's signature dark humor, I was unprepared for the emotional tour de force it delivered. Michael C. Hall and everyone involved with Dexter deserve major praise for making such a complex and damaged character absolutely compelling. As for Sleeper Cell: American Terror, I couldn't help feeling that the dramatic impact of the inevitable Darwyn-Farik confrontation was somewhat diluted by delaying it until the very end of this season, but I like that they left the outcome unresolved. Please tell me that there will be at least one more season of both series? Thank you!
Answer: Figured I'd start off on a positive note, in keeping with my "Happy New Year" mood this week. Where Showtime is concerned, a second season of Dexter is a slam dunk. It's the network's most popular show, and there's plenty of story to tell for at least a few more seasons. The picture's a little murkier on the Sleeper Cell front. I checked earlier this week, and a Showtime spokesperson tells me that there have been no discussions yet regarding a third go-round, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. I'm thinking it probably will, although you'd think Darwyn's cover would have been pretty conclusively blown for good by now. Still, it's a great character and a wonderfully scary and timely premise, so I hope to see more. Till then, let's just hope for the best from Showtime's next big series project, The Tudors, coming this spring.