Question: Longtime reader of your columns, but this is my first time writing. I read your review of NBC's Fear Itself and have to agree with you — somewhat. The first episodes were nothing great (I may have liked them a little more than you), but I kept watching just because I like the format and knew, as with Showtime's Masters of Horror series, that there can be ups and downs. I agreed with your review that the first two segments left something to be desired, but the "Family Man" episode was a step in the right direction, and they keep improving. The latest, "Eater," featuring Elisabeth Moss (because of you, Mad Men has been added to my must-download... er, I mean must-legally purchase... list) was actually the most scary piece of television I've ever witnessed. The acting was top-notch, there was good amount of violence and gore, and I was on the edge of my seat most of the time. I just wanted to see if you had kept up with the show and if you agreed that it was improving.
Answer: I haven't seen "Eater" yet because I've been swamped with the TCA press tour this month, but I did see the episode that followed "Family Man," about the bride who got a note telling her that she was marrying a serial killer (the twist in that one being so obvious it wasn't funny, or scary). With any anthology, there is going to be unevenness, and I will try to remember to check out "Eater" when my schedule gets back to normal. I like the idea of the format, too, but with the exception of the very clever "Family Man" episode (despite its downbeat conclusion), I would still have to say that the batting average for Fear Itself isn't all that great.