Question: As one of the many Farscape fans eagerly awaiting the new webisodes, I'm wondering how the writers' strike will affect the project. I can only assume that it falls under exactly the type of material that writers are asking to be compensated for. If, as the networks claim, they don't make a profit from online content, why would the Sci Fi Channel even commission webisodes of a series as ambitious as Farscape? Not that I'm complaining! Just confused and worried that after three long years, any new Farscape will again come down to bad timing.
Answer: Not to worry. I've been told that Sci Fi is "very early in the development process" for the Farscape webisodes, and so the strike is having no impact on the project yet. Which means you'll have to remain patient (I have no timetable for when these will be made or shown), and I would think that however the strike negotiations turn out, anyone involved in producing these webisodes will be compensated for them.