Question: Can you explain the dearth of female-centric shows these days? My favorite shows of all time, from Rhoda to Kate & Allie to Golden Girls, were often centered around brilliant actresses and great writing. Their stories appealed to everybody and helped women. I just do not see any of this type of show anymore. Can you explain why this is happening, and if you expect it to ever change?
Answer: I don't really understand this question, except to note that these longtime faves all appear to be comedies, and it's a fact that TV comedy is in a slump, especially comedies built around strong women — although hybrid comedy-dramas like Gilmore Girls and Desperate Housewives (and UPN's Monday block of urban comedies, for that matter) offer plenty of juicy roles for great actresses. But the boom of drama has also been good to women. Check out the casts of Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Commander in Chief, and the leads of such crime dramas as Cold Case and Close to Home, not to mention Veronica Mars and the hits on Sci Fi Fridays (especially Battlestar Galactica). Not such a bad environment for women on TV, if you ask me.