Question: I enjoyed The Lost Room on Sci Fi, but it left a lot of unanswered questions about the room and the objects. Do you know if it was intended as a pilot at all? It seems with the number of objects out there, there would be lots of opportunities for various story lines, especially with all the varying beliefs of what the objects are meant for.
Answer: As someone who didn't enjoy The Lost Room, who found all the hand-wringing over deadly Bics and time-stopping combs to be laughable at best (when did I become such a Scrooge about TV fantasy?), I can only say I hope it wasn't intended as a pilot. Besides, there already was a series devoted to supernatural objects (and it was pretty bad, too): the syndicated Friday the 13th series. The only reason Sci Fi would pursue a sequel or a series version is if the Lost Room ratings went through the roof. And while I could be wrong, I'm assuming they didn't, or Sci Fi already would have issued a release crowing about the numbers.