Question: I enjoyed Lola Glaudini on Criminal Minds. She did an excellent job! Why is she no longer a member of the cast?
Answer: After weeks of ducking this often-asked question, because I had yet to see an official explanation anywhere, here's a detail from an upcoming TV Guide story (on newsstands this week) on new cast member Paget Brewster: "They were looking to bring in a female agent who was unknown to the unit. Ed [Bernero, the show's executive producer] said, 'We've grown complacent as writers with who these people are, and we need to shake it up.'" Characters get written out of shows all the time, especially on shows like this and especially when producers want to make changes from season to season. If there's more to the actress's departure than a creative desire to shake things up, I'm not aware of it. As I've said before, at least with Elle's character, they gave her plenty of dramatic context for leaving the team. It's not like she just disappeared without an explanation.