Question: : I know that you love The Dresden Files, as do so many of us out in TV land. We fans are very disappointed that the Sci Fi Channel would cancel this fine show that garnered good ratings. Instead, we are stuck with wrestling, superhero reality shows and other programming well outside of the sci-fi genre. We are hoping Lionsgate, which makes the show, will shop it around to other networks. USA Network would be a great place for it, given their "Characters Welcome" slogan. Anything you can do to help get the word out would be greatly appreciated!
Answer: "Love" may be putting it a big strongly, but I certainly enjoyed what I saw of The Dresden Files (I was especially keen on its star, Paul Blackthorne), and I admit I was surprised when the channel didn't rally more strongly behind it. Beyond the fact that reviving a show that has been canceled is incredibly rare, in this case further complicated by the fact that Blackthorne already has a new job (on the ABC series Hot Shots), it would be truly ironic if USA picked it up from Sci Fi, as they're sister channels (part of the enormous NBC-Universal cable empire). But it's true Harry Dresden would be right at home alongside the heroes of The 4400 and The Dead Zone (which is also from Lionsgate, by the way). And given the volume of mail I've been getting over the last week, I guess I shouldn't ignore that Dresden's fans are trying to pull a Jericho and get the show resurrected, if not on Sci Fi, then elsewhere. I can't really get involved in these efforts, but for those who are so inclined, I will pass on the fan website that has most frequently come to my attention: Go to it and good luck. (Which is a nice way of saying: Please quit flooding my mailbox.)