Question: I don't think I'm going out on a limb in guessing that you weren't a big fan of ABC's The One. I wasn't that impressed with any of the contestants, and it's not like there aren't 300 other talent competitions on TV right now, but I must say that I was a little sad the show didn't hit. From what I read, it's the American version of the Star Academy format that has done fairly well in Europe and elsewhere. I figure a lot of it has to do with our summer oversaturation, but why do you think shows like this do well overseas and then don't make it here?
Answer: Some do, some don't. The problem this summer, as you said, is oversaturation. I didn't even get to see The One, because it premiered while I was away at press tour and was canceled before I got home (and I'm not so diligent as to waste time screening DOA shows). ABC in particular has had a tough time landing a viable reality contender this season, and while a lot of it may be the show choice (One Ocean View sounds like it would be more suitable on Bravo or VH1, if anywhere), in the case of The One, it was definitely one too many — as in too many reality/performance competitions.