Question: Is Dirty Sexy Money actually shot in New York, or is it only the exterior shots, à la CSI: NY? Reason I ask is, I love seeing the New York skyline (being a New Yorker). Also, with Daniel Cosgrove, who plays Karen's fiancé, returning to his roots as Billy on Guiding Light (OK, so I'm addicted to one soap!), does that mean he's leaving his Dirty Sexy Money role? Or, since his role is small, can he be on both shows, whether or not DSM is based in the same city as Guiding Light?
Answer: They fooled me, too. Dirty Sexy Money uses New York exteriors, and the pilot was shot in New York, but the show itself is filmed in Los Angeles. (Unlike the authentically homegrown Gossip Girl, which I recommend for anyone seeking a fantasy look at how the other half lives in my favorite city.) Don't know much about the fate of Daniel Cosgrove as Freddy, but it's pretty clear he's not going to have a long-term role in this family, so if he's juggling between prime time and daytime, something tells me he won't have to do it for long.